Online Casino Bonus

Searching for a great deal on online casino bonus has almost become a passion for casino players these days. How much bonuses a casino offer? How generous are their compensation or so-called COMP programs? Do they offer free cash bonuses on every subsequent purchases you make at their casino or just first-time deposit bonus?

The amount of online casino bonus given at a particular casino has been a standard for evaluating whether to wager at a particular gambling site, as evidenced by those questions asked above. However, you must also realized that casino bonuses can be a way for fraudulent operators to lure you into a trap, potentially using your credit card or personal information for criminal activities.

Hence, it is always advisable to look at the management of the casino rather than just the bonuses offered by the casinos.

Online casino bonus comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, some as high as a few hundred bucks for initial deposits alone! These can be real or they can be fake to lure the uninformed. Obviously you should check with the casino operator before signing up for such bonuses. Drop them an email and ask if the free bonus listed on their site is still valid, and what are the terms and conditions for claiming the bonus (i.e. are there any strings attached?) Of course you may think this email is unecessary — “If they want to cheat you they won’t tell you the truth anyway!” True, but most of the time if the operator is fraudulent, you will not even get a reply email. A quick email can tell you a lot about an online casino.

If they do reply, check with other players if the bonuses are valid. You can do this by contacting for instance,, or post the bonus offer and the URL where the bonuses are listed on a message board on forum for online casino players. You are guaranteed to get some sort of feedback, be it positive or negative for that matter.

It does seem like a whole lot of procedure to validate a bonus claim from a certain casino, but when you realize how many players, not to mention the amount of hard-earned cash that had been lost to fake gambling sites, you will want to safeguard yourself.

If you are wondering about the casino bonuses listed on this site, then please be rest assure that they hve been validated before being listed here. We care for visitors to this site, and we care about our integrity. We only recommend online casino bonuses from well-established online casinos, which we hope you will like. These casinos offer generous bonuses and customer service. Give them a try. Enjoy!